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A dreamer and life lover. That’s me, Maaike Lut. I love to explore the world with my backpack, but I’m also in for a good roadtrip. Dancing at festivals, drinking wine with friends and shopping plants are my favorite things. Adventurous, enthusiast and strong-willed. But also a bit stubborn and way too crazy at some times. That’s the best way to desribe me. But I also have a love for social media, online marketing and content creation.

I always wanted to travel the world. When I was a little girl my parents told me stories about their backpack adventures on a regular basis. So the wanderlust was already there. I was eleven years old when they took me to Thailand and that’s the first country outside Europe I’ve ever seen. I LOVED IT. In the years after that they took me to Malaysia, Laos and Cambodia as well and now it’s my job to see the rest of Asia. But not only Asia, because I do love the other continents too.

The wanderlust became stronger and I decided to set one goal for myself: working in the travel industry. And that goal became real. After two internships in the travel industry I ended up as an online marketer. So now they pay me to do my hobby fulltime. I don’t complain.

But why did I start this blog if I’m already working in the travel industry? Well, I wanted to tell you MY stories and not the ones of the organization. I want to write everything the way I want to write it and not how the organization likes it. By having my own blog I’m the one who decides the subject. I’m the one who decides the style of it. And I’m the one who’s responsible for making good and bad decisions. And when I have this idea, I NEED to implement it to know how it’s like. So here I am, calling myself a travel blogger. Enjoy!

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