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Balcones de Majagual, Nicaragua

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Balcones de Majagual

The remote jungle is right in front of you. Howler monkeys are saying hi. Birds are singing the most beautiful songs for you. And the ocean is asking you to dive in. Welcome to one of the most beautiful accommodations in the world: Balcones de Majagual. It’s adjacent to the jungle of Nicaragua and the beaches are within a few kilometers. Balcones is located on the west coast and here you’ll find twelve luxury villa’s. Peace. Tranquility. Tropical. Those are the words that describe this place the best. In the category ‘the most beautiful accommodations in the world’ Balcones definitely hits the top three. I’ll take you to these impressive villa’s.

Balcones de Majagual: how it looks like

The houses are all different in size and style, but they are all made of reclaimed hardwood and natural elements. All villa’s are offering a spectacular view over the rainforest and the ocean. I was lucky to spend the night in La Serena, a vacation home of a famous Nicaraguan writer. A few times a year she comes to this house, just to get some inspiration for writing a new book. The view, the serenity and the laidback vibe is what giving her inspiration. The writing itself is taking place in one of the bedrooms, where she has a magnificent view. In the other months the house is hired by people like me: nature lovers and those who are looking for remote places. And authenticity.

Balcones de Majagual nicaragua

The house is big enough for four persons and every duo has it’s own bedroom. The biggest bedroom could also be a big bungalow, it’s pretty spacious. The kingsize bed, with white tightened sheets and a misquito net, attracts your attention immediately. And when you open the brown wooden sliding doors, you look right into the jungle from your bed. On the adjacent terrace you can drink some coffee and enjoy the view. Moreover, you have an incredible view no matter where you go in the house. Even if you take a shower you are looking over the tree tops. The water might be a bit cold, the view is making everything so much better.

The living room with open kitchen is very cosy, but you won’t spend a lot of time in this area. Where you do spend a lot of time, and which is also the central area of the house, is at the terrace with infinity pool. The terrace has several floors and it’s enclosed by the huge bungalow on the left side and the living room with kitchen on the right side. Between that you can enjoy the fresh air in privacy. But the pool is absolutely the best part about the villa. Especially when the sun goes down it’s amazing to dive in. The sunset is not just a regular sunset: the big orange ball is going down right in front of you. You see the sun slowly disappear behind the horizon and the sky is changing in different colors. This is one of the most magical sunsets I’ve ever experienced. The sky is fully covered in bright colors, especially yellow and orange. Grab another glass of wine and this will be the only thing you need at that moment.

San Juan del sur Nicaragua

Once the sun is down, it’s time to have dinner on the terrace. Grill some meat on the barbecue, get yourself a drink and listen to the peaceful environment. But do pay attention, because animals may say hi, like a monkey, a snake or even a scorpion (yes, I really saw one).

After dinner you lay in your clean bed and you fall asleep with the sound of singing birds. Until you wake up by the sound of howler monkeys that are screaming to each other. The one monkey screams even louder than the other one and you’ll be awake around 5 am. But that’s totally fine, because this is the moment that the sun goes up. Enjoy the sunrise from your bed, it will be magical. You definitely want to wake up in this dream, right?

Dreams come true in Balcones de Majagual.

Balcones de Majagual is located close to the famous city of San Juan del Sur. From this surf town it’s almost half an hour of driving and you can only reach the villa’s with a four wheel drive. And because it’s so remote, you have to meet up with one of the estate agents in San Juan del Sur. He or she will drive in front of you so you know the way to the villa’s.

It depends on your choice, but one night in one of the villa’s will cost you around 130 dollars. But the prices could be around 400 or 500 dollars a night in high season if you choose to stay in the most beautiful villa. Do you want to stay in La Serena, like I did? One night in low season will cost you around 175 dollars and that’s definitely worth it if you ask me!

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