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Minca Ecohabs, Colombia: the best place to relax!

by Maaike
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Where to sleep in Minca

Yes! It’s time to talk about a special accommodation again. Today I will take you to Minca in the north of Colombia, a lovely town. Here you find the Minca Ecohabs, a gorgeous place which I definitely recommend. Why you should stay here and why I think this place is so amazing? Just keep on reading!

The surroundings

Minca Ecohabs

The Minca Ecohabs is located on top of a mountain in the range of the Sierra Nevada. Naturelovers will definitely love this place. But that’s not the only great part about this place: the view from here is fenomenale. As far as you can see are mountains on every side. The green hills look magical in the morning sun and hummingbirds are flying around you on the balcony. You can see the oldest city of Colombia, which is located below: Santa Marta. When the sun goes down and the night is coming, you have the most magical view over all the lights of the city. With a glass of wine in your hand you can watch this view for hours.

The Ecohabs

The Ecohabs excists of yellow houses which are all located in the middle of nature. Not only the outside is gorgeous, also the inside will blow your mind!

The interior

Minca Colombia accommodation in the centre

The interior of the ecohab really made me happy. It’s so spacious that you can even dance and do some tricks in here. But  the interior is mostly made of bamboo and that’s what makes me the happiest. At the moment you arrive at the house, the kingsize bed with white sheets will attract your attention. It’s no doubt you will sleep like a baby in this gorgeous bed.

The room offers enough space to relax and hang out. There’s a couch, a desk to sit at and even an hammock where you can take a nap. You can cool your beers in the fridge and don’t forget to look up at the roof, which is absolutely gorgeous. The huge roof is made of bamboo and it’s so beautiful!

Where to stay in Minca Colombia

You can store all your stuff in the bathroom and although the bathroom isn’t that spacious, it has a hot shower and that’s all that matters. A warm shower in Colombia is pretty luxury so it’s so nice to have a hot shower again. But don’t forget to look for spiders and other insects, they really like the ecohabs!

Minca Colombia best place to stay

Minca Colombia sleep

But the best part about the house is the balcony for sure. The balcony is sooo big and you can sit almost everywhere around your house. In the front you can relax on the chairs, where you have a spectacular view over the mountains and over Santa Marta. On the right side you can relax in the hammock while the sun is shining on your face and you’re enjoying a good book. Make sure you watch the sunrise and sunset at the balcony, because the sun is going down ánd up right in front of you. When the sky is clear you’ll have such a magical sunrise and sunset. I was so lucky to experience such a gorgeous sky.

Where to stay in Minca

Spa treatments

Minca Ecohabs also offers lovely treatments where you can have massages and more. It’s the ideal place to relax and give yourself a present. And it’s definitely the best place to do nothing before you start the four day Ciudad Perdida trekking.

Breakfast, lunch and dinner

Minca Colombia stay

The breakfast is included everyday and you have a lot of choice. I definitely recommend the pancakes with fruit and the yoghurt with granola and fruit, but there’s more. The breakfasts are really good and you get a coffee and a juice as well.

Accommodation Minca

You can also have lunch and dinner at Minca Ecohabs and from the restaurant you have the same awesome view over the beautiful surroundings. Besides, the restaurant is so pretty. All the chairs are painted in blue or white, just like the little tables. There’s enough space to sit on the balcony, but if you’re cold really fast you can also sit inside. Are you not staying at Minca Ecohabs (bad choice!), you can still have breakfast, lunch and dinner over here.

Close to the centre

Accommodation Minca Colombia

The fun part about Minca Ecohabs is that it’s so close to the city centre of Minca. The one moment you’re enjoying the beautiful nature in a peaceful environment, the next moment you’re relaxing in the centre. It’s just a five minute walk downhill and that makes Minca Ecohabs the perfect place to stay.

Are you excited to relax for a couple days where you stay in a gorgeous place (that it’s not too expensive)? Just choose the Minca Ecohabs! Have a look at the website for more information and book your stay. Oh, and don’t forget to take a lovely massage! Check out more photos of my stay:

Colombia Minca accommodation

Minca Colombia good accommodation

Minca Colombia good place to stay

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