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Travel guide Morro de Sao Paulo, Brazil

by Maaike
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Morro de Sao Paulo

Morro de Sao Paulo was the last destination I visited during my roundtrip through Brazil and I couldn’t wish for a better end. I spent two nights on this little island but that wasn’t enough for sure. Why you really have to visit Morro de Sao Paulo? I’ll tell you that in this guide, including must do’s and must see’s!

Vibe Morro de Sao Paulo

Let’s start with the vibe of the island, which is so good. That’s exactly the reason why I love Morro de Sao Paulo so much. The people are friendly, the vibe is great, the beaches are so close, the restaurants are cozy and you can do so much on the island. That’s why it feels like a real holiday!

Go on a whale watching tour

morro de sao paulo brazil

Watching whales is something that I always wanted to do, but I never did. Until I arrived on Morro de Sao Paulo. According to the organization and the institute who protects and investigate the animals, the chance of seeing whales is 99% between July and October. Most of the time you see them in June as well and you can also spot them in November. Really go for a whale watching tour, it’s awesome!

Have dinner at Basilico

Basilico is an Italian restaurant and the food is soooo delicious. I decided to eat here both nights and I couldn’t get enough. The pastas are made fresh, right in front of you, and it’s all really tasty. Don’t forget to order the vegetarian dish, with a lot of grilled vegetables. It’s the best one!

Dance at all the street parties

The best street party is right in front of Basilico. People are jamming, everyone is shaking their ass and there’s a lot of alcohol. Dance between the crowds or just sit at Basilico with a cocktail. Whatever you do: it’s awesome!

Buy some nice souvenirs

best beaches brazil

On the island you see a lot of boutique shops, with great souvenirs and clothes. But you can also find some furniture, which is all beautiful. I really liked the shops and I’m not into shopping that much. It’s the best place to get some souvenirs before you’re heading back home. 

Have lunch at the beach

You can find several restaurants right at and on the beach, where you can enjoy the sun and a fresh breeze of air. Are you into pasta and pizza? That’s totally not a problem over here. But you can also find some local food and other kind of food.

Explore all the beaches

An island means beaches and you can find enough of them on Morro de Sao Paulo. On different sides of the island there are several beaches. The main side has three beaches, which are called beach one, beach two and beach three. The first one is definitely a must visit for people who love water sports. Are you into snorkeling, surfing and banana boats? Beach one is your place to be. The second one is the busiest one, which a lot of restaurant right on the beach. Want to escape the crowds? Try the third one, which is located a little bit further. Oh, and here you can find some great Italian restaurants.

Eat a lot of acai

brazil morro de sao paulo

Oh, how much I love acai. It’s typical Brazilian, healthy and cheap. Acai always comes with granola, nuts, fruits, chocolate, cereals and more, but you can always choose the combination.

Stay at Pousada Colibri

The island has a lot of cozy stays, but I really liked Pousada Colibri. It’s not located at the beach, like most of them, and it’s not located in the centre, but on top of a hill. The view from here is really nice and it’s such a peaceful and quiet place. You can choose for your bungalow or house and you can swim in the pool whenever you want to. 

Safety Morro de Sao Paulo

The island felt really safe to me. There are no cars and some streets are empty, but there’s street light everywhere and it’s so peaceful comparing to the big city Salvador nearby.

Watch the sunset

brazil island

The sunsets on Morro de Sao Paulo are phenomenal. The sun looks twice as big as usually and the sky colors in deep pink and orange. The best place to watch the sunset is from the terrace of Toch do Morcego, where the sun goes down right in front of you. Make sure you’re here before 4pm, since it’s a very popular place.

How to get to Morro de Sao Paulo?

From Salvador you have two options: the direct ferry or the car-boat-bus-boat route. The first one sounds a lot better, but it seems like everyone is throwing up during this turbulent ride. I have chosen the second option and that was a good one. It took about four hours to get here and it’s around 45 or 50 USD per person. But it’s totally worth it!

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