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Travel guide Salvador, Brazil

by Maaike
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During a trip through Brazil you really can’t miss Salvador, which is very different from the rest of Brazil. It’s a very romantic but harsh city. Here’s everything you need to know about Salvador, Brazil!

A different culture

The vibe in Salvador is very different from the other cities in Brazil, the buildings are more colorful and the people are more African. A lot of Salvadoran have African roots and that’s because Salvador used to be the place for slave trade (unfortunately). Because of this horrible past, the city still has some troubles.

Safety Salvador

That’s the reason why a lot of thieves are active in Salvador. And you’ll see a lot of homeless people who can’t function normally. It’s so sad to see, but it’s the reality. Don’t bring too much stuff when you’re walking down the streets of Salvador and always pay attention. Don’t walk in some quiet streets when it’s dark and share one mobile phone with the two of you.

Which areas to visit?

salvador de bahia

Salvador has some really cool areas. I stayed in San Pedro and in Pelourinho and I loved both. You can actually see this as one area, since it’s next to each other. Why go to this area? It’s full of old and beautiful buildings, cozy squares and gorgeous churches. It’s so picturesque!

Stay at Bahia de La Luna

Bahia de La Luna is the best place to stay in Salvador. It was actually the best place I’ve stayed during my trip through Brazil. The room was as big as my house and it feels like stepping in an old castle, with enormous doors and windows. From the room you have an incredible view over a gorgeous church. Ask for the best room (the one that I had) and you will have so much fun having breakfast in the windows.

Stroll down the city

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The best thing to do in Salvador is strolling down the historic centre. It’s very cliche, but it’s all so gorgeous. The squares, pastel colored houses, old buildings and details churches: it feels like stepping in an old movie. You’ll make hundreds of pictures!

Join a street party

I didn’t experience any street parties in Salvador, but it seems they have a lot of them. Especially in the historic centre (the areas I already talked about). I’ve watched some videos and the street parties look so awesome. Brazilians definitely know how to dance and the vibe is so cool!

Visit Morro de Sao Paulo

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Morro de São Paulo is an island close to Salvador and it’s one of my favorite places in Brazil. It’s a great escape for two or three nights and the vibe is so laidback and lovely. You have to travel for three or four hours to get there but it’s so worth it. I did experience some great street parties over here and I loved it! The food is very delicious and the shops are so cute.

Eat at Cuco Bistro

Back to Salvador, where you have to eat at Cuco Bistro. It’s a bit expensive, but it almost feels like Morocco. You step into a garden and it’s so quiet. Plants, colors and statues: it’s very beautiful.

Transport in Salvador, Brazil

salvador de bahia brazil

Do you want to travel from one area to another? Just take a taxi. The best way to do this is downloading the app Easy, which is very reliable. You can see the price immediately and they can’t mess with the price. It saves so much money when you take a taxi from Easy instead of a normal taxi on the street. Oh and yes it’s legal. It’s the official taxi app.

Have lunch or dinner at Restaurant Poró

I really, really loved Poró. It’s 100% my favorite restaurant in Salvador. It’s so cheap and the food is absolutely yummy (soooo good!). The lunch is amazing, with tropical salads, bruschettas with meat (really delicious) and more. And dinner is very good as well. Besides the great food, it’s a really cool place. It’s so cozy and  I loved the artistic interior. Oh, and don’t forget to order the gin tonic or a special caipirinha. Yum!

Are you excited to go to Salvador in Brazil? Awesome! Don’t forget to check out the rest of my Brazil articles.

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