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7x why you should go to Brazil

by Maaike
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After a month of traveling through Brazil, I’m pretty enthusiastic about this country. Not very, because they’ve stolen my stuff and that wasn’t a great experience at all. Besides that, it was a lovely country. Why you should visit Brazil? I give you seven reasons!

1. The wildlife in Brazil is amazing

why go to brazil

During a roundtrip Brazil you can’t miss Pantanal, worlds biggest wetland area. Caimans, parrots, jaguars, monkeys and more: this area is absolutely amazing. And what about the Amazon!

2. It’s paradise for nature lovers

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The nature is stunning in Brazil: mountains, rain forests, mysterious caves, blue lakes and more: it has it all. Go to Pantanal and the Amazon for some jungle adventures. Or go to Chapada Diamantina for mountains and valleys.

3. You can party all night long

brazil fun

Brazilians love a good party, so if you’re feeling like having a great night, Brazil is the place to be. Caipirinha’s and beers are the locals favorite and they loooove some good latin music.

4. The cities are awesome

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The Brazilian cities are pretty awesome. Rio de Janeiro has some beautiful viewpoints and it’s located right at some great beaches. Salvador is very different, with African culture, a lot of art and a lot of old buildings. You definitely can’t miss the cities!

Hotel tip Rio de Janeiro: RIO INN ART

Hotel tip Salvador: Luna Bahia Boutique Pousada

5. Beach lovers are at the right place

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Brazil has some great beaches. Think about the ones in Rio de Janeiro, but also Ilha Grande, Morro de Sao Paulo and other cities next to the coast are stunning!

Hotel tip Ilha Grande: Lonier Praia Inn Flats

Hotel tip Morro de Sao Paulo: Pousada Colibri

6. It’s not THAT expensive

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Food, drinks and places to stay are actually not that expensive in Brazil. You do have to find great restaurants and accommodations with a good price, but it will be totally worth it to find out which ones are good but cheap. Transport is a bit expensive, because the distances are insane.

7. Brazil has it all

why to brazil

Brazil definitely has it all: from great beaches to interesting culture. But don’t forget about the gorgeous nature, wildlife and awesome cities. You can’t be bored in Brazil!

Wanna know more about this country? Just check out my Brazil archive!

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