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10 reasons why you should add Belize to your bucketlist

by Maaike
Caye Caulker, Belize

A few months ago I went on a trip to Mexico where I explored the beautiful state of Yucatan in three weeks. But I also went on a short trip to Belize! Unfortunately this destination it’s not on everyone’s bucketlist yet and that has to change. Here are my ten reasons why you should add Belize to your ultimate bucketlist!

It’s a small country so you can travel easily

Belize is a small country so you don’t have to spend weeks to get to know it. A week or ten days is just enough to see Belize in a nutshell. You can travel to two or three different places to get a good impression. And the best part about this? You can combine Belize with another country, like Mexico and Guatemala, and still have enough time to explore best of both worlds.

One of the best dive and snorkel locations of the world

Caye Caulker is also one of the best places in the world to dive or to snorkel. The reef is the second largest barrier reef in the world. Are you an experienced diver? Then you’re allowed to explore the famous Blue Hole. But even when you’re not it’s an amazing experience. I did a snorkel tour and I’ve swum with sharks, huge turtles, the most colorful fishes, stingrays and even with a manatee!

One of the wildest jungles of the world

Another cool fact: Belize has one of the wildest jungles of the world! Some armies even train here, because the jungle is extremely wild. Go on a day trip to do some fun activities like cave tubing, ziplining and hiking. Or go for a night trip and look for jaguars.

It’s one of the most relaxing places in the world

Caye Caulker

Caye Caulker is a small island that is located on the east of the maindland and it’s absolutely one of the most relaxing places I’ve ever been to. The motto here is ‘Go slow’ and that’s exactly what they do. It’s all about taking it easy. I really didn’t want to leave this island and I’m sure you also don’t want to leave it as soon as you’ve experienced this lifestyle.

The main language is English

Because Belize is right next to Mexico, you’ll probably think that the locals of Belize also speak Spanish. But they don’t. The main language is English with an accent. So if you don’t want to travel to a country where they speak another language, it won’t be a problem to travel to beautiful Belize!

The people are very friendly

All the locals say hi to each other ánd they say hi to you. No matter where you are, they always speak. And they like to tell you many, many stories.

Belize is a mix of different cultures

The locals in Belize come from different countries. Belize has a large population of Asian people who came here many years ago looking for jobs. But another, very special group that lives in Belize is the Amish. How cool is that? I spotted some Amish people on our way in Belize and it was very fascinating. They live somewhere in the mountains and you’ll definitely spot them if you travel inland.

They have good food

I really liked the food in Belize, especially at Caye Caulker. Fresh lobsters from the sea, good chicken and lovely salads. Yum! Still getting hungry when I think of the Belizean food.

The bus rides are fun

Transport Belize

Do you like comfort? No problem, you can travel by good busses with aircondition and comfortable seats. But are you in for more adventure? Then take the local busses, which are old school busses. They are amazingly cheap and not many tourists choose for this kind of transport so you’re surrounded by locals. And you’ll have a bumpy ride for sure!

The locals can dance like pro’s

Are you a terrible dancer? Go to Belize and you will learn! The locals know how to dance and they swing like no others. I was totally surprised by this, but I LOVED it.

Still not convinced? Read my blog about Caye Caulker and you definitely wanna go there!

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[email protected] 17 July 2017 - 12:45

Belize is great! Especially the layback attitude!😊

Maaike 20 July 2017 - 17:53

I agree! The vibe is so amazing!


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