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Palo Verde Hotel in El Salvador: a surfers paradise!

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El Salvador is still not very known. There’s only one group that has discovered the beauty of this country: the surfers. Did you know that El Salvador is one of the best countries to surf? Professionals are going here to have fun and relax. Are you a surfer or do you want to learn how to surf? In that case you should go to El Zonte and stay at the beautiful Palo Verde Hotel. It’s perfect for a luxury, romantic and well deserved getaway.

The hotel and surroundings

Best place to surf El Salvador

From the Palo Verde Hotel it’s just a few seconds walking to the beach. Moreover, from the hotel you have the best ocean view where you can watch all the surfers doing their thing. The best spot to surf is right in front of the hotel, so it’s so much fun to sit and watch.

The idea of the hotel is to be as sustainable as possible. No plastic straws is a small but good example. But the best sustainable part about the hotel is the staff. They’re all born in the area and the owner of the hotel gave them a good job and a better life. He makes sure they are all doing okay. And in my opinion the hotel is an awesome addition to the tourism industry in El Salvador, so hopefully more people are going here so El Salvador can take advantage of this.

The rooms of Palo Verde

The hotel offers beautiful rooms: spacious, very comfortable and super clean. The kingsize bed is probably the best part about the room, because it’s so comfy. Ideal if you wanna stay in bed a little longer than you usually do. But you can also relax at the lounge area of the room. The bathroom is spacious, with a rain shower and lovely ecological soaps. It was by far the best shower I’ve had during my trip through El Salvador. But it has more to offer: every room has its own terrace where you can drink a good cup of coffee in the morning. I was staying in the Specialty King room and I had a big sunbed on a private terrace with a nice view over the pool. It was the best place to relax.

Palo Verde has eight rooms and basically everyone can stay here: they offer rooms for families or couples, but you can also stay here with friends. If you choose a room on the upper floor, you’ll also have a nice view over the ocean.

Infinity pool

El Zonte surf

The real diamant of the hotel is the pool for sure. The big infinity pool exists of several plateaus so you can even sit in it! And when you’re floating in the water, don’t forget to order a cocktail and drink this one while you’re sitting on a chair in the pool. How awesome is that?!

Where to surf in El Salvador

Around the pool you can relax and work on your tan. The sunbeds are waiting for you and it’s not hard to fall asleep while the sun is shining on your face. Or read a book and drink your cocktail. Enjoyment is guaranteed!

Bar en restaurant

Best surfplace in El Salvador

I’m not kidding if I tell you that I haven’t eaten this good in a long time. The food might not be for the budget traveler, but it’s so delicious that it’s impossible to say no. The meat is tender, the chicken is seasoned, the sauces are really good and the breakfast is the real deal (definitely order the avocado on toast with poached eggs, tomato, almond slices, fresh fruit and more). Everytime I finished my food, I was sad. Chapeau for the chef!

Best surfspot in El Salvador

Wanna have a drink? That’s possible too: the bar is a good place to hang out. Take place on one of the barstools or on one of the swings. Enjoy a fresh cocktail or taste the local beer. Not in the mood to have people around you? Just go downstairs, to the second terrace. Most people are relaxing upstairs, but from below you can see the surfers right in front in you as well.

Learn how to surf

Do you want to learn how to surf? Just take some lessons and who knows you’re a born champion. I took one lesson and I could already stand on my board – from the water to the beach – after three attempts! Ask the staff of the Palo Verde Hotel which school is the best. The school gave us the best tips and showed us what is wrong and right. Unlike other schools you’ll get a one-on-one lesson which is so much better, because you’ll get all the attention. This way you’ll learn how to surf so much quicker.

The instructors don’t help you a lot, they only give tips and tell you what you did wrong. Eventually you’ll recognize what you did wrong and you’ll do it right the next time. You’re the one that is responsible for good surfing, but the help you get is really valuable.

Are you excited to relax for a couple of days (or weeks) and enjoy luxury in combination with delicious food and a big pool? Just take a look at the website of Palo Verde for more information about the hotel, the rooms and of course the prices. 

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Or check out more pictures of the beautiful hotel:

Surf El Salvador

El Zonte in El Salvador

Best surfplace El Salvador

El Salvador best place for surfing

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