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Omega Tours Ecolodge in Honduras

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I’m always looking for great accommodations to stay, no matter where I am. And one of those great places I’ve found is the Omega Tours Ecolodge in Pico Bonito National Park in Honduras. Is Honduras on your bucket list (it should be, read my 13 reasons why you should go to Honduras)? Then you can NOT skip Omega Tours Ecolodge, an accommodation that is great for both the budget traveler and the luxury traveler.

The lodge and the surroundings

Omega Tours is established by a German couple, who came to Honduras more than twenty years ago to start a new life. It all started by offering rafting tours, but they’ve grown into an amazing tour operator and ecolodge. They’re offering a lot of activities and they’ve built several lodges and rooms, ranging from basic to luxury.

Omega Tours Ecolodge

The lodge is located in the jungle, so you have to drive on a dirt road to get there. If you don’t have a car, you can always ask them if they can arrange a car for you from La Ceiba to the lodge.

I was amazed when I arrived at the accommodation. It looks gorgeous, with wood and bamboo everywhere. The bar looks like a fun place to hang out, the lounge area is beautiful with some hammocks and you constantly hear the sound of a waterfall. But that’s not even the best part about this place. It’s surrounded by the most wonderful plants, trees and colorful flowers. And there’s this pool in the middle of the lodge, where you can relax while toucans are saying hi. How amazing is that?!

The rooms and lodges

Omega Tours Ecolodge Honduras

Omega Tours offers different kind of stays: a tent or a basic room with a shared bathroom for the budget traveler, a spacious room with an own bathroom for the vacationer ór some beautiful lodges for the ones that are willing to spend a little bit more. We’ve slept one night in a basic room and two nights in a luxury room and while the basic room was actually fine, we loved the luxury room a lot. We’ve stayed in the Colibri room for two nights and we’ve had a very big room with a kingsize bed, a seating area and a beautiful bathroom with hot water. And on the balcony we relaxed in a hammock while watching the sunset. It was incredible!

Food and drinks

Omega Tours Honduras

Omega Tours has a restaurant but you can sit wherever you want to have breakfast, lunch or dinner. Choose the spot that you like the most and they will serve you. I really liked the fact that it hasn’t a restaurant setup and that gives you a feeling of freedom.

Honduras Omega Tours Ecolodge

The food at Omega Tours is seriously good and by far the best place to have dinner in the whole area. People from outside the lodge are also coming here to have some food, because it’s just delicious. They have meals for everyone: from fish to chicken and from meat to veggie meals. And they even have some German food! But the breakfasts are really good as well. My favorite? The yogurt with fresh fruit, granola and honey. But I can also recommend the crepes with honey, jam and cocoa!

Ecological lodge

Honduras Omega Tours

The owners try to stimulate sustainability within their own lodge. And that worked out well, because I think they’re doing a great job. They only use woods from trees that are sick or they buy wood from sustainable suppliers. Only local and recycled materials are being used and the furniture is made by people from the local villages in the surroundings. They’ve also developed their own hot water system by using solar energy and the dirty water is being reused. Last but not least: the rooms and lodges are made and furnished in a way that there will always be a breeze, so you don’t need to have air-condition or a fan. There should be lodges like this!

 Omega Tours activities

Omega Tours Ecolodge Pico Bonito National Park

Omega Tours offers several activities: kayaking, rafting, mountain biking, hiking, multiday hikes, horse riding and more. You can go wild and it all sounds so fun, so I definitely recommend to do one or more activities. And you don’t have to stay at the lodge to do an excursion, it’s for everyone.

The owners started their company by offering rafting tours and that’s what they are famous for. We did the halfday rafting tour and it was awesome! Because of the low season, we only came across some rapids of level one, two and three, but in winter time there are rapids of level five and six as well! During the tour you have your own guide who is in charge, but you also have to peddle. However, the river will push you forward, so you don’t have to do that much. And because of that, you can really enjoy the ride and the views. Besides rafting, you jump in the water from high rocks, you swim through the river and sometimes you have to hike a bit to get to another area. It was so much fun and I wouldn’t mind going for a longer ride!

Omega Tours rafting

We also did an adventurous hike with a private guide. You actually need a guide if you want to go off the beaten track. Most people walk without a guide but if you do so, you’re only allowed to do a standard trail. Because we had a guide with us, we could go on an adventure. We crossed a river, we had to climb through the rocks and we saw an amazing waterfall. It was incredible! The guide was very professional and kind, and he told us more about the jungle.

Professional activities 

The guides of the activities are trained really well and that’s very important. During the hike we came across a group of people and one of the guys fell down and broke his leg. My guide was the only person who could help, because of the equipment he had brought. And he arranged help from some other locals as well, who brought a brancard with them. Otherwise there was no way for him to get up and find his way back to the village. The other guides we came across couldn’t help, because they had no equipment with them and they couldn’t call for more help. Besides, those guides only did the standard trail, so you actually pay for a bad service.

Omega Tours showed us their professional way of work again when we had a horseback riding excursion planned. They cancelled this activity because the horses were too weak. The horses had to eat and drink a lot in the days after to get stronger and in the meantime no one was allowed to go horse riding until the animals were better. That’s the way it should be, always.

How many nights at Omega Tours do I recommend?

Omega Tours Pico Bonito National Park

We’ve spent three nights at Omega Tours, but we actually wanted to stay one or two nights longer. The food is delicious, the activities are amazing and the lodge itself is perfect to relax and drink a beer. So if you go here, you should stay for at least three nights to really experience the lodge and the surroundings.

Are you excited to go to Honduras? Take a look at the website of Omega Tours to find out which rooms they offer and which activities are available. You’ll have a blast!

Omega Tours Ecolodge

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