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Challenge August: no phone in the bedroom

by Maaike
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Phone in bed

Time flies, because it’s already September. That means that the summer is over and the autumn in right around the corner. And I don’t mind it at all, because the summer in my country (The Netherlands) was awful. But a new month also means a new challenge! Before I’m going to tell you that one, I’ll tell you how the last challenge went. Here we go!

No phone in the bedroom

In August I’ve set one rule: no phone in the bedroom. Before I started the challenge I didn’t sleep well or it took a very long time before I went asleep. So I wanted to know if my phone in bed was a reason I couldn’t sleep well. I always checked my e-mail, scrolled down my Facebook feed ánd my Instagram feed before I went to sleep, but I did this way too long most of the time. And I did exactly the same every morning.

But no phone in the bedroom helped. Especially in the morning. I got up earlier and I even got time to have breakfast. Hallalujah! But I also slept longer and deeper. It wasn’t a life change, but yeah it definitely worked and I might continue this! You should try it yourself.

New challenge for September

This time I’m going for a real challenge: working out. I don’t like working out because I’m way too lazy, so this is the most difficult challenge so far. It doesn’t matter what kind of sports I’m going to do: running, fitness, swimming or something else. Everyting is possible. I wanna do this at least twice a week but I hope I have enough motivation to work out more than twice.

I also want to challenge myself to eat more healthy and to drink less alcohol. I love to drink a wine or two in the evening but I only want to drink alcohol when I have a special celebration (or when it’s weekend but not too much). I actually eat healthy most of the time but I wanna eat less meat to see what will happen. I’m really motivated and I hope I’m gonna make it! At the end of the month I’m going to California so that’s a good option to run sometimes (and I hope I won’t eat a lot of burgers).

Do you know some good excersises or great recipes? Just let me know in a comment because I could definitely use some tips!

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