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Challenge june 2017: mindfulness

by Maaike
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A new month has started and that means: a new challenge! But I won’t tell you the new challenge before I have evaluated the challenge of June: mindfulness. As you might know, I went on a four-day mindfulness training in June so I decided to do some mindfulness for a month. In this article I’ll tell you what I’ve learned, what I’ve done and if I would recommend it.

Mindfulness: what have I done this month?

I wanted to do several exercises during the month, but I didn’t know where to start and what to do. I hoped the mindfulness training would inspire me. But the training was so imposing that I decided not to do extra exercises during the month. I still talk about the training and I still think about it, so for me that’s enough mindfulness. To do more exercises wasn’t really necessary at all.

What have I learned?

In my last article about mindfulness you read what I’ve done during the four-day training. But have I actually learned something? It’s already a month ago so now I can definitely say if I’ve learned more about myself. It’s hard to tell, but I do believe it did something good to me. The fact that I still talk and think about the training is crazy enough. And since I’ve done the training my life is a bit different. I started this website, I’m making new plans for the future, I’m busy working on old projects and I’m really motivated to do more and more. I feel like it’s my time to spread my wings and to work on all the good stuff that make me happy. Never been so busy as I’m now! I think the training motivated me for sure so yeah, it was worth it. And yeah, I would definitely recommend it. Just stop for a minute and focus on the things that you want to achieve in life and on the things that make you a happy person!

New challenge July: hitchhiking

And now it’s time for a new challenge. It’s hard to find a challenge for July, because I’ll be traveling a lot this month. But one of my travels is a bit special. I’m going to hitchhike! I’ll start the adventure in the centre of Amsterdam and in six days I need to be in Barcelona. I’m doing this with a friend of mine and it’s a competition. We battle against 299 other teams from France, Belgium and Holland. The fastest team wins a ticket around the world so I’m really motivated to win! I’ve never hitchhiked before so I’m very curious about it. I think it’s very exciting and I hope everything goes well. When we arrive in Barcelona on Saturday, I’ll finally get some time to relax because I’m flying back to Amsterdam on Monday morning. Wish me luck!

An extra challenge: 15k followers on Instagram

Because the hitchhike adventure is for ten days, I want to do another challenge. I want to reach 15k followers on Instagram. At this moment I have 13.8k, so I need 1.2k more. It’s gonna be hard, because I’ll be gone for some time and I’ll be very busy this month, but I think I can do this. And don’t forget to follow me on Instagram to see what my next adventures wil be!

Wanna see more challenges? Just read my article about my challenge of May! And do you have a good idea for a new challenge? Let me know in a comment!

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