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Challenge October: starting new projects

by Maaike
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It’s crazy how fast the time flies; it’s already November! So today we will look back on last month. What did I do this month and what did I achieve? But also: what do I want to achieve in November? I’m gonna tell you that in this article!

Challenges of October: did I achieve them?

Because I’m full of ideas, I wanted to start with some projects in October. In the first two weeks of the month I was traveling through the United States so I didn’t have time to start the projects. So I actually had two weeks to do this. But I did a good job in those two weeks. I have officially my own company now, I bought a Macbook to be able to work better, I scored two new cool collaborations, I did an interview with another great travel blogger and I finally had the motivation to be active on Instagram again. I finally enjoy to edit pics (although this could be way better) and engage with my followers. But I also noticed that several companies found me on Instagram. So cool!

I also wanted to start editing my very first travel video ever, but unfortunately I didn’t have enough time to do this. I had some busy weeks so I had to make choices and this was not on my priority list. Last but not least: I have this idea that I really, really wanna implement, but it’s a huge project. I wanted to make a start with this project in October and I did, but I hope to proceed this in November, because that would be something I would work on for months or even a year. But no, I’m not gonna tell you guys what’s that about.

So I did a good job if you ask me. Sometimes it’s hard to find time to do some extra work. I have my own website which needs a lot of time but I also have a full time job. So there’s just too little time to do more. And I also want to see my friends and have a good time, of course.

November: what do I want to achieve?

I want to proceed this challenge in November so I can really achieve some goals. Here’s what I want to do:

  • Getting 27.5k followers on Instagram. At this moment I have 26.4k followers, but I hope to reach 27.5k by being active and uploading nice pics. It’s gonna be a challenge, but it’s possible!
  • Because I really enjoy to collaborate with cool companies and bloggers, I want to have at least one new collaboration this month.
  • Making my first travel video. I need to start some time, right?!
  • Improving my website (no, not the looks so you won’t notice that, but whatever)
  • Making big decisions about a cool project I was telling you about (excited!)

But I’m also going to Nicaragua in Central America at the end of the month, so the pressure is definitely there. Hopefully I’m able to do a lot of extra work this month. I’m so so excited!

Do you have any goals for November? Tell me about it!

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