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Challenge May 2017: 10k followers on Instagram

by Maaike
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I really like working on projects and setting goals for myself. Every month I write down these goals to challenge myself to become better at a skill or to learn a new skill. And I also won’t get bored by doing this, it keeps me busy. So I decided to write down my challenges on my blog to achieve one goal a month. May is the month to get started with. My first challenge? To reach 10k followers on Instagram. Here I’ll tell you if I’ve achieved this goal and how I tried to achieve this.

More followers on Instagram

Somewhere in 2013 I started my own Instagram account. I was one of the few people I knew that had an account so far. So I didn’t use it to show my photo’s. I only used it to edit my pics with the filters Instagram was offering at that time #nofilter. For a long time this was the only reason why I used this app, until I noticed that more friends were using Instagram. So I started to get more involved.

Years went by and by the time of 2015 I decided to get a bit more serious with my account. I received a lot of likes and comments from people I didn’t know and I started to post more travel pics instead of photos of me and my friends having a good time. And suddenly I reached 1k, whaaat? From this moment on I started to use Instagram more and more.

In March 2017 I reached 7.5k followers but when I went on a trip to New Zealand and I didn’t post anything for a month, the number of followers went down. So when I came back I decided to do my very best to reach that amount of followers again. I changed my strategy and I noticed that this was the way of getting more followers.

New strategy Instagram

My strategy? Interaction. I already liked a lot of pictures of others and commented on them, but now I liked and commented even more. This worked out great. If you want to grow on Instagram, you HAVE to interact with a lot of people. Because that’s what Instagram is all about. You have to take time for it, like two hours a day (if you really, really want to grow). But the thing that helped me the most was joining Instagram-groups, which are perfect to get some feedback ánd the people in those groups share many tips to improve your account.

I also changed the way of editing my pics. I never used a filter but I also never edited my pics the same way. Now I do edit my pics exactly the same way so my feed looks better. I’m still not very happy with the looks of my feed but it’s way better than before. The first impression of your account is the most important thing to get new followers so you have to make sure your feed looks awesome. Discover your own style!

Did I reach my goal?

YES I DID! On May 21th I’ve reached 10k followers. That’s way earlier than I expected and I’m really excted about it. The amount of followers is still growing like crazy and I’ll definitely continue my new strategy. I hope to reach 20k followers somewhere in October.

New challenge: mindfulness

A new month is coming, so I need to set a new goal. And that will be mindfulness. I’m really not interested in this subject and meditation, but I’m going on a four-day mindfulness training in June. My work offered me this course and I said yes to this. Trying new things is just something that I really enjoy to do. So why not giving mindfulness a chance? I’m going to learn about what I want to do in life and what makes me happy. I’ll hopefully ‘’find’’ my mission and I’ll learn about the things I need to do to achieve that mission. I think I already know myself really well, but you never know. I may discover things I never knew about myself. Who knows?!

Do you have a goal for your Instagram account? Let me know in a comment or on Instagram!

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