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13x why you should go to Honduras

by Maaike

Honduras doesn’t have the best reputation, but I knew it was a gorgeous country so I decided to go. After traveling through Honduras for two weeks, I really recommend going here. Why you should go? I’ll give you my best reasons in this article!

1. The nature is so beautiful

When I crossed the border of Honduras, after visiting Nicaragua, the landscape immediately changed. Rugged mountains and deep valleys draw the decor of the country. Honduras is so green and so mountainous, it’s stunning. Rivers divides national parks, the jungle is remote, a lot of wildlife is living here and the country is surrounded by sea. What do you want more? Only the nature itself has impressed me a lot.

2. Honduras has some amazing beaches

Besides the mountains and the green landscapes, Honduras has some paradise beaches as well. White sand, a lot of palm trees, enclosed bays and a crystal clear sea: it’s everything you want. Drinking fresh coconut milk from a coconut you just took from a palm tree, snorkeling between all the coral in the warm water of the Caribbean Sea, playing in the white sand and drinking a cocktail when the sun goes down. Believe me: this is exactly where everyone dreams of.

3. It has Maya ruins

Guatemala, Belize and Mexico are known for their Maya ruins, but did you know that Honduras has some ruins as well? In Copan to be exact, close to the border of Guatemala. Have you always wanted to see those shrines in real life? Take your chance in Honduras!

4. The people are really friendly

Nature Honduras

Honduras has not the best reputation, but the locals are actually really kind and they all want to help you wherever you are. And they all say hi to you, even if you just pass by.

5. It’s not very touristy at all

The country is not touristy at all and I really like that. There are some places where more tourists go for sure, but it’s not like ”normal” travel destinations. And because of that, you have all the beautiful spots to yourself. That makes the experience even better!

6. It’s pretty cheap

It depends on the places you go, but Honduras is pretty cheap in general. You could compare it with Nicaragua, also one of te cheapest countries of Central America. And that makes Honduras a great destination for backpackers.

7. The beers taste good

Honduras has several local beers and they all are tasteful. You can get a beer everywhere you go so that’s definitely a good reason to go. At this moment I’m drinking a Salva Vida, one of my favorite beers.

8. It’s always warm and sunny

Beaches Honduras

Do you like destinations where the sun shines all year round and do you like to get a tan? Well, Honduras is the right destination for you!

9. Traveling through Honduras is easy

The bus rides in Honduras take a long time because of the mountains, but the connections are pretty good. The public bus is going daily and you can also go by small shuttles. I’ve chosen to travel by shuttles so we didn’t have to transfer in the big cities and that was totally fine. The islands are accessible as well, even the less touristy ones.

10. There’s always someone that speaks English

During my time in Honduras, there was always someone that spoke English pretty well. The guides, the hostel or hotel owners and even people on the streets! For me it’s not a problem if they speak Spanish, but it was relaxed to speak English sometimes.

11. It’s not that unsafe at all

Mayaruins Honduras

A lot of people decide not to go to Honduras because it’s unsafe. But in the jungle, on the top of a mountain or on an island there’s nothing to be afraid of. Only the big cities are a bit unsafe but all the other places are laidback. During my whole trip through Honduras I didn’t feel unsafe, not even ones!

12. You can easily combine Honduras with another country

Do you want to explore more than just Honduras? No problem, because you can easily combine it with some other countries, like Nicaragua and Guatemala. But also El Salvador and Belize are some good options!

13. It’s a great spot to dive and to get your PADI

Have you always wanted to learn how to dive? Or are you a big fan of diving? Honduras is the right place for you! The Honduran island Utila is one of the cheapest places in the world to get your PADI. And the dive spots seem to be amazing (I didn’t do it but I always hear great stories about it).

Conclusion: I really love Honduras and all its beauty. Gorgeous, an awesome vibe, nice people and still remote!

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Emilia Luna 18 February 2019 - 18:25

Honduras is the best country to travel. Its totally trending , is cheap and safe. If you have a chance, just go.

Maaike 22 February 2019 - 21:42

I agree, love Honduras!

Sandra 13 August 2019 - 17:22

Hi Maaike! I loved your articles on Honduras! I’ll go there soon! What route did you make in your 2 weeks there? I’m a bit unsure as to where to go and where not to..

Maaike 18 August 2019 - 12:09

Awesome, how exciting! I went to Pico Bonito National Park, Roatan, Cayos Cochinos, Lake Yoyoja and Copan. Loved it!


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