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20 facts about me

by Maaike
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I always want to know the person behind a blog, because that’s what makes a blog real. At the page About Maaike you can read some information about me, but that’s not enough to get to know me. So I’ve wrote twenty facts about me, Maaike Lut!

  1. I’m born in Leiden, Holland and I’m a real city girl.
  2. My goal is to move to Amsterdam (I’ve already lived there for two years) and own a canal house.
  3. But since I’ve been to New Zealand I would love to live in another country at a pieceful place, away from the city. Somewhere in the jungle or so.
  4. I also work in the travel industry, so I’m ALWAYS busy thinking about traveling.
  5. I love nature. If I had to choose between culture and nature, I would definitely choose nature.
  6. I’ve studied Communications and I’ve got my diploma since June 2016.
  7. Im addicted to avocado’s.
  8. And I’m afraid of dogs.
  9. My travel bucketlist changes every day.
  10. The only continent that I haven’t visit yet is South America, but I really would love to go there.
  11. I always write a monthly bucketlist and set a few goals so I can challenge myself more.
  12. I’ve visited 28 countries so far. So there’s still enough to explore.
  13. I love plants. Shopping plants on a lazy Sunday is one of my favorite activities.
  14. And I love wood too.
  15. My dream car is a very old Fiat 500, a Volkswagen van or an old Mini. Love it!
  16. I love to go camping. When I was younger I also went camping with my parents and I still love to make a roadtrip and sleep in a tent.
  17. I like playing board games.
  18. I have three piercings: two in my ear and one in my nose.
  19. Sometimes I like to dye my hair in a weird color, like pink or purple. But I’m a blondie!
  20. I’m a dreamer. I love to dream BIG.

Want to know more about me? Read the page About Maaike or have a look at my personal blogs!

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