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15 things that make me happy

by Maaike
Skydive New Zealand

Sometimes it’s good to focus on the things that make you happy. We should do this way more often. Here are 15 things that make me a very happy person!

1. Looking for cheap flights

Just set me down with a computer and I’ll look for cheap flights for hours. I love to search for flights and I like the challenge to find the cheapest flight possible.

2. Drinking wine when the sun shines

When it’s getting summer and the sun shines, I really enjoy a glass of wine. I prefer to sit outside near the water and watch boats passing by.

3. Watching people

There’s nothing better than watching people: what they wear, how they act and what they say. I could do this all day every day.

4. See the sun go down

Ok… who doesn’t love watching the sunset? See the sun go down at the beach or in a big city… it’s always a good idea.

Wellington New Zealand

5. Drinking craft beers on a Sunday

My favorite Sundays exist of drinking special beers and eating snacks. At home or outside, it doesn’t really matter. It’s the best way to end a weekend!

6. Watching Formula 1

My boyfriend has been watching Formula 1 for years now and within the years I became a Formula 1 fan as well. It’s actually a guilty pleasure. I know all the drivers, the teams and I watch every game!

7. Buying plants

Also one of my favorite Sunday activities: buying plants for at home. My goal is to live somewhere in the jungle so this is not very surprising. #urbanjungle

8. Spotting great architecture

I don’t know why, but I love architecture. I can literally stop and stare when I see some beautiful buildings and bridges.

Haarlem Netherlands

9. Old cars

Formula 1 and old cars… no I’m actually not a car geek, but for old cars I make an exception. An old Fiat 500, Volkswagen vans and cars with a pastel color… yes please!

10. Sleeping

When I was younger I didn’t mind sleeping for only a few hours, but now I really enjoy sleeping. My life is also getting busier so I also need more sleep, but aahhh… it’s the best.

11. Netflixing

Laying on the couch with some popcorn and watching three films on Netflix. I mean.. that’s the perfect evening, right?

12. Hiking through nature

My favorite activity during my travels is hiking. Go to the mountains and hike all day long. Fresh air, awesome views and tired legs. YES!

New Zealand

13. Palm trees

Palm trees make my travels complete and they make me so happy. Especially when they also have some fresh coconuts!

14. Reggae music

Reggae music makes me happy as well. It makes me slower and when I hear the music I always take it easy. That’s why I loved Caye Caulker, Belize so much.

15. Eating cake

Red velvet cake, carrot cake, apple pie, brownies and more… every day all day please.

What things make you happy? Let me know in a comment!

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David 8 September 2017 - 09:50

I can relate with 2, 5, 8 and 14….especially 5.

Maaike 9 September 2017 - 00:02

Hahaha drinking and listening to music, best things ever!


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