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A four-day mindfulness training

by Maaike
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This month I’ll be thinking a lot about mindfulness. I’ve never ever thought about this subject before and I never was interested in mindfulness. But since I’ve joined a four-day mindfulness training at the beginning of this month for work, my perspective has changed. I went to a little town near the beach in Holland to join this training and it was really interesting. Here I’ll expain what I’ve learned, what I’ve done and if I would recommend a mindfulness training to others.

Mission in life

The first full day I had to think about my mission in life. Who would I want to become? What’s the purpose of my life? And what do I want to achieve in life? By doing different practices and talk about my goals the mission became more real. I had to think about the four fundamental values: love, success, power and freedom. I also had to think about all the barriers that I have to get rid off to achieve the mission. And I had to meditate. A lot. I really don’t like that because it doesn’t make me calm at all. And we had to draw everything we saw during these meditations.

And of course we had to do many more practices this day, but I won’t be telling you everything. Especially if you want to do a mindfulness training yourself. The practices were really simple, but it gives you a good impression of your thoughts and by writing it all down and drawing everything you see, the message to yourself becomes very clear. And for some people it’s very confronting to think about the barriers in life and the goals they want to achieve. So it sounds like an easy day, but it definitely wasn’t easy for most people.

Being silence for 12 hours

After we did many practices from 9am till 6pm it’s time to be quiet. After dinner we needed to be silence the whole evening and night. So that means: no talking, not using your mobile, not watching television and not reading a book. We were allowed to walk in the dunes or to do some fitness, but that’s it. It was actually very relaxing not using my mobile or watching television. I was in my room all evening and night and it was very peaceful. And it’s the perfect moment to process all information you’ve collected during the day.

Vision of life

The next morning we were finally allowed to talk. After breakfast we immediately continued the practices. The first one was writing down our mission of life. It took an hour to write this down, because it’s not that simple. And after we’ve wrote it down in a few words, it was time to think about the vision of life. What do you have to do to achieve the mission of life? And what do you NEED to achieve this? So these are the steps you need to take to come closer to your mission. Very interesting!

One of the practices that I really, really liked was making a vision board, like a mood board. In one or two hours we needed to collect images and words out of magazines and stick it on a poster. The images and words had to do with what we want to accomplish in the next five years and it all had to do with our mission of life. So we actually had to visualize the next five years. I still look at the vision board every single day and it reminds me of my mission. It’s a great motivator to do what I really like to do. Even if you don’t want to go on a mindfulness training it’s still very useful to make a vision board at home. And it’s fun to do!

What is my dreamjob?

The last day it was all about our dreamjobs. What are our talents? Which talents do we want to improve? What kind of work makes us happy? And in which way you already use your talents in the kind of work you do now? This day was really fun, because it’s not that hard to think about the work you want to do. It’s easier than thinking about your life and what barriers you have to overcome.

Just like the first day this day was all about meditating and visualizing. Where do you see yourself in a few years? In which country? Which kind of job? Which skills have you improved? And which new skills did you learn? What did you have to do to improve these skills? And what did you have to let loose to get the job you really want? We had to write down everything we saw during the meditations and the results were awesome.

Conclusion mindfulness training

Although I didn’t learn anything new about myself, the training motivated me to do what I really want to do in life. To really follow my dreams. And to really listen to myself and my needs. So yeah it was very helpful. And it’s great to see others getting so emotional because they’ve learned a lot about themselves in just a few days. Some people did discovered new things and some people did process some negativity in their lives. So the training could be a real eye opener. I would recommend everyone to do a training like this, even if you think you already know yourself very well, like I did. Even then it’s a great motivator!

Do you want to know where I’ve done this cool training (Dutch only)? Just send me a message!

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