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Privacy and disclaimer

by Maaike

General information

Travel a Lut is part of LUT and on the website www.travelalut.com LUT publishes texts, photos and other materials that are created by LUT. We have the right to edit or delete the content without letting the visitors of the website know.


Privacy is important to LUT and we will always be careful with personal information about the visitors of the website. We’ll never sell personal information to third parties. On this page we describe which information we receive and how we use that.

Processing personal data

We receive personal information about the visitors via Google Analytics. Via this medium we can check which articles are read the best, but we can also check how long you visit this website and how many pages you read. We can also see via which channels (social media, Google or referrals) you entered the website and where you are from (country). We receive this information via your IP address. This information will only be used to optimize the website and the articles, because this is a good way to know more about what the visitors want to read. This information won’t be sell to third parties and LUT saves this information no longer than 38 months.

Another way by receiving information about our visitors, is if someone adds a comment to one or more articles on the website. By placing a comment, you have to fill in your name and e-mailaddress. Both information won’t be used for other goals than just to counteract spam messages. After placing the comment, LUT has the right to delete the comment. By approval the comment will be visible for everyone that visits www.travelalut.com. If you want to delete a previous comment, you can always send us a message via contact@travelalut.com


LUT uses cookies that have no effect on your privacy. A cookie is a small file that is given by www.travelalut.com and is saved on your device. The cookies are used to check how visitors are using the website. We have an agreement with Google, so your IP address will be secret and the personal information will not be sold to third parties. Do you want to switch off the cookies? You can do this in your own browser settings.

Sensitive information

LUT does not have the intention to process personal information from visitors under the age of sixteen. However, we can not check if the visitor is really under the age of 16, so we’re not responsible for this. Are you convinced that we processed personal information from someone under the age of 16? Just send us a message to contact@travelalut.com, so we can possible delete this information.

View, modify or delete data

You always have the right to view your personal data. Don’t you want your personal data to be processed? Then you can make an objection by sending an e-mail to contact@travelalut.com. We’ll do our best to modify or delete your data.

Linking to other websites

On www.travelalutcom we sometimes link to another website. Those websites are checked en picked out carefully, but we are not responsible for you to visiting those website and for the content that’s on it.

Social media buttons

On wwww.travelalut.com you can find some social media buttons, which you can share the articles with on your social media channels. These channels have their own cookies, so LUT doesn’t have any influence on those cookies.


All articles, most photos and other materials on www.travelalut.com are protected by copyright. Copying, spreading and/or editing of these photos and texts is not allowed without a written permission of LUT.

Travel a Lut is not responsible for wrong information and mistakes. If you find a mistake on www.travelalut.com, please send an e-mail to contact@travelalut.com, so we can resolve this. Travel a Lut is not responsible for any harm that is originated by visiting the website.


Travel a Lut has collaborations with affiliate programs, like Tradetracker and Tradedoubler. For clicking on some of our links on the website and making a transaction, we’ll get a commission for that. You don’t pay extra for this, but your click behavior is being followed.

Articles about products and services of third parties

On Travel a Lut you can read some articles about products and services of other companies. An article about an accommodation, an excursion or maybe about travel gadgets are a few examples. All these products of services are tested by Travel a Lut and the articles are all written honestly. Honestly is very important to us so we will never write a positive article if we don’t like a product or service. Not every article about a product of service is sponsored, it can also be just a good advice.


On www.travelalut.com we write articles about third parties where we get a refund for. Those texts are always written by Travel a Lut and this is a nice way to get some income for a website that takes a lot of effort and time. We’ll never write an advertorial about a company that we don’t like.

Modifications in privacy and disclaimer

Travel a Lut has the right to make some modifications in the privacy and disclaimer policy without being responsible for this.