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Limpopo, South Africa: an amazing hidden gem

by Maaike
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Here are my best Limpopo South Africa tips

While most travelers go to Capetown, the Garden Route, Krugerpark and Johannesburg, I decided to visit an unknown area in South Africa: Limpopo. Most people skip this province and that’s actually pretty weird. It’s located right next to Johannesburg, a part of Krugerpark is located in Limpopo and everyone who visits Botswana, Mozambique or Zimbabwe as well, has to drive through this province to get there. Why you really should explore Limpopo, South Africa? Just keep on reading!

Limpopo, South Africa is still undiscovered

Tips Limpopo South Africa

Because not many people go to Limpopo, you won’t have to share all the parks with other tourists. During my game drives I barely saw other tourists and that’s just the best experience. And all the roads are so quiet, which makes it so easy and relaxed to drive around.

The landscapes are stunning

During a safari in South Africa Limpopo you explore the most beautiful landscapes.

Limpopo is all about nature and the landscapes are so different within the province. Green valleys, wetlands, dry landscapes and crazy vegetation: during a roundtrip Limpopo, South Africa you’ll be surprised by the diversity of Mother Nature.

The best Big Five park is located in Limpopo

The best Big Five Park is located in Limpopo!

While everyone is going to Krugerpark, I definitely recommend going to Welgevonden Game Reserve. The Big Five (leopard, elephant, lion, rhino and buffalo) is living here and you won’t see other tourists. How crazy is that, comparing to the extreme popular Krugerpark? From all the safaris I had the best game drive experience in Welgevonden!

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The lodges are absolutely gorgeous

During a roundtrip Limpopo, you’ll find so many gorgeous lodges. My favorites were Kololo Game Reserve, Tuli Safari Lodge and the Leshiba Wilderniss Lodge. They are all different but really cool!

You can drive on endless roads

Do you know all these endless roads in the United States? Well, South Africa has some of these roads as well! They are located in Limpopo and it’s so cool to make a roadtrip through this province. And while you’re driving, you spot giraffes and elephants next to the roads. How awesome is that!

Limpopo, South Africa is very close to Johannesburg

Limpopo is very close to Johannesburg.

A lot of tourists fly to Johannesburg and it’s just a short drive to get to Limpopo, South Africa. From the airport you can drive straight to the province. So it’s not very off the beaten track and it’s very easy to get here.

Are you excited to explore Limpopo? Awesome! Just take a look on the website of Pearls of Limpopo. They can make an itinerary for your Limpopo, South Africa trip. I highly recommend this awesome province!

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