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How to find cheap airline tickets: 5 tips

by Maaike
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How to get cheap airline tickets

After I’ve booked several extremely cheap flights, a lot of people ask me how to find cheap airline tickets. So I thought it was a good idea to tell you how I find those. To give an example: a few months ago I’ve booked a return ticket from Amsterdam to Nicaragua for 175 dollar only! In this article I’ll show you that traveling shouldn’t be expensive at all. Let’s go!

1. Don’t search for one destination

You have a bucketlist and you really wanna go to a certain destination. I get it, I wanna go to some countries for years now. But this is dangerous, because now you’ll search for one destination only and you really shouldn’t do that. So don’t think about a certain destination and the whole world is possible. And that means that you have more chance of finding a good deal. You still have many years to go, so you’ll probably go to your dream destination sooner or later. And the destination is always a surprise if you just look for deals. Before you even realize it, you’ve booked a ticket to the other side of the world. Like New Zealand, Belize or Morocco. SURPRISE! Note: this is an important tip to get the BEST deals.

2. Secret Flying and Fly4free

Know where to look for the best deals. I really love the websites Secret Flying and Fly4free. Because of these websites I’ve booked so many great tickets. You can choose the continent you want to fly from and you’ll only find deals that have to do with that continent, so you won’t get lost in all the deals around the world. Very handy! And these websites are really, really fast as well. I love it!

Cheap airline tickets

3. Try to get an error fare

An error fare is a mistake from an airline, so the tickets are suddenly very cheap. But it also could be a big promotion where the airline just wants to have some attention. And that works for sure. Erorr fares made it possible for me to get some crazy tickets (the 175 to Nicaragua for example). But it’s necessary to book the error fare as soon as it gets live. You really should be on time. So don’t wait for two hours, but book as fast as you can. So many people want to get these tickets and some airlines reverse these tickets fast, so you can’t be too late. You should be a bit spontaneous for this but that’s exactly why I love these tickets. You’ll never know where you’ll go and suddenly you’re going to a cool place. And no, you don’t have to fly for 40 hours or have 4 transfers with these tickets. They’re just normal and that makes it so amazing. Note: an airline COULD decline the ticket but they’ll always give your money back so it’s always worth a try (but most of the time they don’t decline it).

4. Be flexible

I know, this is a hard one but I’m gonna say it anyway: be flexible. If it doesn’t matter when to go, then don’t go during summertime or during Christmas. When these periods are the only possible periodes for you, try to stick to rule one because that will still save you a lot of money. I always find good deals in high season as well, so it should be possible to get a killer deal in these periods. Really. Another great website to check is Skyscanner.com. This website shows almost all flights and deals in the world. If you insert ‘’Amsterdam’’, you can choose the whole world as the final destination. You’ll see the cheapest flights from Amsterdam to anywhere in the world. And you can check every month in one overview. Very handy.

Are you reading this article on your mobile phone? Then scroll down and search in my Skyscanner tool to find good flights! Are you reading this article on your computer? Then you’ll find the tool on the right side of my website. Have fun!

5. Try different airports to fly from

It could really help to look for different airports to fly from. I know you’ve probably heard this several times, but it’s definitely true. To give an example for my country: when a flight is too expensive from Amsterdam, the Netherlands, I’ll look for cheap flights from Brussels, Belgium (which is close to the Netherlands). This could save me 100 or 200 dollars so that’s totally worth it. It could also be helpful to check flights with one or two transfers. Yeah, the flight will be a bit longer than a direct flight of course, but it could save you A LOT of money.

So here you go. Just check Fly4free and Secret Flying often, be flexible, go for error fares, be spontaneous and go crazy. It’s so much fun not knowing where you’ll be going in a couple of months. Enjoy!

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