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4 tips for preparing a new trip

by Maaike
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Prepare a trip

Are you going to travel again? And do you still need to prepare that trip? In this article I’ll give you four tips of how to prepare the next trip!

Download the city map via the Google Maps App

This one is very handy for all kind of trips, especially for city trips. Download the city map at home – or when you have internet –  via the Google Maps App and you can use the map whenever and wherever you go, even if you don’t have wifi. It’s also possible to save highlights and restaurants and more on the map. So you’ll never get lost again and you won’t miss the hotspots. I used this app many times during my trip through New Zealand!

Send the most important documents to your e-mail

Take a photo of your passport and of all the important documents you need during the trip and e-mail it to yourself. Or send it to your best friend or to one of your parents. Don’t bring a copy of your passport, like everyone does, because when someone wants to rob you – let’s hope not but it’s possible – he might takes the copy as well. Or might lose your stuff. Wifi is almost everywhere nowadays so you just have to login to your e-mail and you have all the documents you need.

Make sure you don’t miss the best accommodations

I don’t like to book anything for a trip in advance, except the first night. But I also don’t want to miss the best hotels. So what do I do? Before I go on a trip (especially the big trips like New Zealand and Belize) I always look for the most beautiful hotels online and I write down the addresses. During the trip I visit those hotels and then I decide if I want to stay here or not. If I don’t like the hotel I go to the next one on my list. So by doing it this way I don’t have to follow a schedule but I  also won’t miss the most beautiful hotels.

Buy a TSA-lock for your luggage

It doesn’t matter if you travel with a suitcase or backpack, using a lock is always a good idea. But make sure you buy the TSA-lock so the American customs can easily open it. They don’t have to forcefully open your luggage (i.e. break your lock).

Do you find these tips handy? Or do you have handy tips yourself? Let me know in a comment!

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